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About Hint of Mint

Welcome to Hint of Mint, your premium curated NFT boutique

Our aim is to connect hand-picked artists with existing and new audiences, providing a smooth and seamless experience. Hint of Mint combines a future-proof technical backbone that allows for eco-friendly, sustainable operation, with a savvy team of curators and web3 gurus to create a superior NFT solution unlike any other.


How it Works

Hint of Mint is an EVM compatible multi-chain NFT launchpad that has been deployed to Ethereum and Polygon to enable a broad product offering. Hint of Mint makes NFTs eco-friendly Proof of Stake consensus, which launched on Ethereum on September 15th 2022, cut the energy consumption by 99.95 %, bringing the energy consumption of the transaction close to zero. While Hint of Mint initially launched on Polygon we did expand to Ethereum shortly after the merge event.

No Gas Fees for Artists and Collectors

Proof of Stake minimizes the ecological footprint of NFT creation, making the process sustainable and eco-friendly. Additionally, gas fees on Polygon are directly tied to energy consumption, which also allows Hint of Mint to cover all gas fees – neither buyer nor seller gets stuck with the costs for interacting with the NFT smart contracts on Polygon.

Interesting for artists and brands


Why NFTs?

Until now, creators had no way to claim ownership of their digital artwork. NFTs change this. Like a digital signature, an NFT proves the provenance of a file, making it unique and collectible. NFTs bring new value to your customers.

Digital Collectibles

We design your digital collectible and bring it to the blockchain. Let us help you combine the power of the blockchain with rare digital items for your fans.

Brands, consumers and community in a web3 world

We help you design your space in the metaverse with our modular solutions. We design your Proof of Attendance Tokens, NFT drops, live events, concerts, and metaverse marketing activations. Let’s explore the fantastic opportunities of this new technology together. We offer safety, utility and long-term value for your community.

Hint of Mint Studio

We bring your collectibles to life with our experts from all fields of 3D design. Our Inhouse developers & artists – or famous 3D artists from our artist rooster from Hint of Mint – design the look and feel of your NFTs.

Brands, consumers and community in a web3 world

We get you fixed with our hybrid web3 / web2.5 experiences for all audiences. The internet in 3D with blockchain handshake – if needed.

The Founders


The makers behind Hint of Mint are renowned artists and creators in their own right.

Mousse T

Mustafa Gündogdu, a.k.a. Mousse T has produced a string of dancefloor classics such as “Horny” and also wrote the international classic “Sexbomb” for pop legend Tom Jones. The Grammy nominated and Ivor Novello awardwinning producer also tours the world as a renowned DJ.

He leveraged these successes into creating his flourishing label Peppermint Jam Records which resides at the Peppermint Pavillon in Hanover, now also home to Hint of Mint. Mousse T. has built an extensive network of creatives at the top of their field, many of whom are already geared up to collaborate with Hint of Mint.

René Süss

Developing an early interest in NFTs, René Süss became a co-founder of the GET NFT! Network together with David Ariew. GET NFT! quickly became a leading community of 3D and digital artists who have worked on projects such as Game of Thrones and Lord of the Rings. As CCO of Hint of Mint, René Süss provides guidance to the artists on the Hint of Mint roster.

He will be joined in this effort by Fabian Oberhammer (a.k.a. The Dizzy Viper), another well-known digital artist.

Markus Böhm

Tech entrepreneur, dotcom veteran and crypto investor Markus Böhm contributes both his know-how in tech and finance as well as his proven ability to turn ideas into scalable operations in his role as CEO of the company.

Other co-founders

The other co-founders of Hint of Mint are developers with broad experience in building user-friendly web3 dapps. The team is responsible for tech at the Museum of Crypto Art and has been building multiple other projects in the NFT space.

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